thursday 20th january 2022

Oakley Diamonds FC play on thanks to £500 sponsorship

Our East Midlands team has made a £500 donation to Oakley Diamonds FC in Northampton

TWEM_Oakley Diamonds FC sponsorship_hero
During the pandemic, the squad made a number of charitable gestures to help causes close to their hearts. Instead of replacing their own kit for the new season, the team decided to donate their annual sponsorship money to the Bone Cancer Research Trust. The team also wanted to support their player, Kwabena, who, having been furloughed from work, took the opportunity to see his family in Ghana. Whilst away, he found that their local football teams relied on kit donations from overseas. When he shared this news with his team mates, Oakley Diamonds FC decided they should donate one of their own kits to those who were in need in Ghana.

Unfortunately, this good deed turned out to be a bit of a headache for the Oakley Diamonds team. When they went to retrieve their back-up kit from storage after the summer break, they were stunned to find that they had been completely ruined by mice. At this point, Taylor Wimpey pledged to donate the funds required to purchase a brand new strip for the kind-hearted squad.

Commenting on the support it has received from Taylor Wimpey, Kevin Roberts, Oakley Diamonds FC Manager, said: “We are very grateful to Taylor Wimpey for coming to our rescue. Replacing the damaged kit really was vital for us, as we didn’t know if we’d be able to continue playing as a team.

“The players tried so hard during the last year to help other people and at one stage we thought we would possibly face fines for having a kit clash with opposing sides, or need to rearrange our matches...all of which was incredibly daunting for a non-profit team like ours.”

Olivia Peters, Sales and Marketing Director at Taylor Wimpey East Midlands, said: “After hearing what this local team had been through, we were delighted to be able to help the players replace their much needed home kits. Now able to play on, we wish them all the best with the current season!”