Friday 15th July 2022

We support sales executive with GoKart dream

Jason Humphreys, Sales Executive at our Waterside at Castle Hill development, was able to start the latest GoKarting racing season with a brand new kit thanks to a £250 sponsorship boost from the South East team

TWSE_Jason Humphries_03
Commenting on the support he has received, Jason said: “I love the fact I work for a company that is willing to support me in my hobby outside of work. The sponsorship helps me to attend race events with the professional equipment needed to compete and I am very grateful for the support from my colleagues.”

Jason Stokes, Sales and Marketing Director at Taylor Wimpey South East, said: “We are so pleased to have been able to support Jason again with his racing. It is important to us that we support our employees both in their day to day job but also outside of work and we wish Jason all the very best with the latest racing season.”