Thursday 30th June 2022

We give talk on sustainability to students in Sherford

Pupils at Sherford Vale School enjoyed a lesson in how new homes are built with sustainability in mind thanks to our team

TWEX_Sherford Vale talk_hero

Supporting sustainable communities

Neil Blackmore, Sustainability Champion for our Exeter team, visited the school earlier this year to speak to pupils about the importance of building homes with environmentally friendly principles at their core. 
TWEX_Sherford Vale talk_secondary

Neil gave an informative and interactive presentation on Taylor Wimpey’s environmental strategy, and how we are making changes to help build towards a more sustainable future.

Children were also given copies of Taylor Wimpey’s ‘Ecotastic’ activity books, which are full of fun and educational tasks that explain how we implement nature in our developments.

Catherine Nuttall, Year 5 Teacher at Sherford Vale School, said: “We’re very grateful to Taylor Wimpey Exeter for taking the time to talk to our pupils about such an important topic. Neil did a great job of giving a fun and engaging talk which highlighted the important changes that Taylor Wimpey is making to be more sustainable. It really helped the children to understand what we all can be doing to work towards a more eco-friendly future.”

Neil Blackmore, Sustainability Champion at Taylor Wimpey Exeter, said: “Even from a young age, children are naturally interested in finding out what they can do to help work toward creating a more sustainable future. 

“It was my pleasure to talk to the pupils at Sherford Vale School and I hope that the presentation gave them a valuable lesson in what we are doing to play our part in positive environmental change.”