Thursday 24th March 2022

Our sales team volunteer to ‘green up’ Ebbsfleet

Ann Healy and Jason Humphreys, Sales Executives at Waterside at Castle Hill, have joined in with the local community in Ebbsfleet to help make the development more green

TWSE_Greening the city_01

Ann and Jason, Sales Executives at our Waterside at Castle Hill which is located at Ebbsfleet Garden City, were delighted to support the campaign and volunteered their time to help deliver and plant trees in the gardens of  residents.  Ann also looked after the refreshments stand, making sure all volunteers were well looked after, and Jason took charge of the tool hire stand. 

The ‘Greening your Garden City’ initiative aims to promote the benefits of ‘greening up’ our surroundings through planting trees, which play such a vital part in our environment. Not only do they provide oxygen and life to the world’s habitat, but they are also great for our health and wellbeing, from reducing stress to improving our mood.

To find out more about the ‘Greening your Garden City’ initiative, please click here