Friday 14th April 2023

Transforming Leyton's Coronation Square with bold artistic identity

Waltham Forest artist Mark McClure has been selected to create a series of permanent artworks that will give our new Coronation Square development in Leyton a bold visual identity in a £140,000 commission


A destination on its own

Built in partnership with Waltham Forest Council the apartments and houses at Coronation Square will surround a vibrant market square, which will host a wide range of public events and activities.

This will become a distinctive local focal point, serving existing and emerging neighbourhoods as well as linking to wider cycle and pedestrian networks.

Coronation Square also includes a new health hub and pharmacy, a sports and leisure complex for indoor sports, with community facilities and meeting room spaces, and a pre-school nursery.

The development will feature 18 large permanent artworks in the entrances of the residential blocks and Mark has been chosen to deliver these series of pieces that reflect the strong local creative community. 

Mark’s proposal celebrates the diversity and inclusivity of Leyton with a series of modular murals. Our team was impressed by the flexible design that can be applied across the entrance murals as well as extending into wayfinding, surface design and other applications.

The design takes cues from the demographics of the area, with a population made up of residents from all over Europe, the Africas, Asia, West Indies, reflecting the many countries’ flags in a visual tapestry of shapes.

This is underpinned and held together by the repeating use of a circle, a unifying, global shape with the added symbolism of the ‘You Are Here’ spot seen on maps all over the world. This repeated use of circles is also a reference to Leyton Orient Football Club, nicknamed ‘the Os’.

Work on the first set of murals began in autumn 2022, with installation of the first exterior piece expected in the coming months.