Thursday 27th April 2023

We sponsor King’s Coronation event in Hethersett

We’re partnering up with Hethersett Parish Council to invite the community to join in with the nation’s celebrations of the King’s Coronation on Monday 8th May

coronation celebration

Celebrating big moments

The main theme of the event is the community picnic. The picnic will provide residents of Hethersett with an opportunity to come together to celebrate community connections and to get to know one another a little better during the extended weekend celebrations.

There will be an ice cream/crepe vendor, a bar selling craft refreshments, face painting and giant candy cables. 

Entertainment will include the live band, Hunter, as well as Sam the Magic Man from Britain's Got Talent fame.

The council is encouraging the public to participate by putting up displays alongside their picnic blankets, to celebrate the King’s coronation in style.

During this event, members of the public and community groups are invited to take part in ‘The Big Help Out’, which encourages people to try volunteering for themselves and join in the work being undertaken to support their local areas. It will be a chance to highlight the positive impact volunteering has on communities across the nation.

Hethersett Kings Coronation Poster 2