Friday 14th April 2023

We teach children at Martlesham Primary Academy about sustainable house building

Pupils from Martlesham Primary Academy in Martlesham have been learning about sustainable house building thanks to a visit from our East Anglia team

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Teaching the future generation

Laura Culham, Technical Project Manager and Sustainability Champion at Taylor Wimpey East Anglia, gave an informative talk to pupils at the school’s Eco Day about how we are building sustainable homes and communities.

This included showing the pupils the masterplan of our new development located at Brightwell Lakes, Martlesham, and discussing how we are incorporating ecology features like bee bricks, bat boxes, and hedgehog holes into the new community.

The visit to the school follows a donation of a Taylor Wimpey School Engagement Pack, an educational resource with a variety of activities, created by our graduate team as part of a UK wide initiative to inform and excite the next generation about the homebuilding industry. 

Jo Garrod-Spall, Teaching Support for Year 3 at Martlesham Primary Academy, said: “We are very grateful to Taylor Wimpey for taking the time to talk to our pupils on our Eco Day. Laura did a great job of giving such a fun and engaging talk, which was a perfect way for the children to see how homes are built and the ecological steps taken to ensure sustainability is at the heart of the community going forward.”

Laura Culham - Taylor Wimpey Eco Day presentation