Wednesday 2nd August 2023

We invite local pupils to bury time capsule at Etling Grove development in Dereham

Our East Anglia team is proud to announce our exciting collaboration with Toftwood Infant and Junior School, as they embark on a journey to preserve history.

Etling Grove

Preserving history

The collaboration, spearheaded by our East Anglia team and embraced enthusiastically by Toftwood Infant and Junior School, aims to provide the young pupils with a unique opportunity to connect with history and envision a world beyond their own time.

A ceremony took place to plant the capsule which saw great enthusiasm and participation from the pupils, who contributed various items and artefacts representing their lives in 2023. Set to be opened in fifty years time, the time capsule was filled with a collection of items including: handwritten notes, drawings, and predictions the pupils had for the future.

The capsule has been buried on the grounds of our Etling Grove development in Dereham, where our East Anglia team has worked to create a modern living space while respecting the area's heritage.

Etling Grove