Thursday 14th December 2023

We donate to Macmillan Cancer Support

We have made a series of donations to support three Macmillan Coffee Mornings that took place in September in the Southern Counties to give back to the communities local to our developments.

Gillingham Rotary

Supporting our communities

Macmillan Cancer Support works to ensure people living with cancer are able to live a life as full  as possible from the moment they are diagnosed. 

Macmillan Coffee Mornings are hosted by thousands each year to raise money for people living with cancer. Anyone can host a Macmillan Coffee Morning and they can take place anywhere. We donated a total of £450 to the events to support the cause.

The Dutchy Sandwich Shop

The Rotary’s Macmillan Coffee Morning was hosted by Muriel Shean at the Methodist Church Hall, around the corner from our Gillingham Lakes development. Muriel started hosting Macmillan Coffee Mornings after her husband, Cliff, passed away in 2016 after a two year battle with cancer. 

Muriel said: “I wanted to organise a Macmillan Coffee Morning to help cancer sufferers like Cliff. This year we raised over £800, a huge thank you to Taylor Wimpey for their donation!” 

The Coffee Morning hosted by Trudy Hynes was held at Shape & Tone, close to our Regis Park development. This year, with the help of our donation, Trudy was able to raise £375.

Trudy said: “We hold these coffee mornings because we have all lost someone close to us with the dreaded Cancer and most of us too, have had the help and reassurance from Macmillan nurses. Without question they need all the help in donations as possible.”

The Dutchy Macmillan Cake and Coffee Morning was held at The Dutchy Sandwich Shop Kelly Holland, local to our Canford Vale development. The event hosted a day of activities including a raffle and baking awards, raising £211 in total. 

Kelly said: “We recently had a family member pass away with cancer and would like to thank everyone for the support of our coffee morning.”