Friday 22nd December 2023

We donate to Manchester food banks

We have made a series of generous donations to food banks across Manchester and the surrounding areas to support them during one of the busiest times of the year.

Ramsbottom Pantry

Supporting our communities

We set up collection boxes at our head office and eight of our Manchester sites at the beginning of November to gather the much needed food and hygiene products requested by local food banks. 

We donated 66.50kg of food to Manchester South Central Foodbank, enough to make 148 meals. Heidi Exell, Project Manager at Manchester South Central Foodbank, said: “Our service has seen a 60% increase in need this year and this winter is going to be the hardest our services have seen since opening. The support from Taylor Wimpey will help us to meet this increase and continue providing support to our communities facing crisis.”

Blackburn Foodbank

We donated 17.9kg of food to Middleton Central Foodbank, the equivalent of 43 meals. Carl Roach from Middleton Central Foodbank said: “We're so grateful for Taylor Wimpey’s donation. This will help our work in supporting local individuals and families during the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.”

Daisy Dumsday, Communications Coordinator & Local Organiser at Blackburn Foodbank, said: “Taylor Wimpey's generous donation of 16.3kg to Blackburn Foodbank highlights the power of community support. The donation will not only help us provide Christmas Hampers to our clients, but gives us some security moving into the New Year.”

Jean Fitzsimons, Project Coordinator at Tameside East Foodbank, said: “At this time of year especially, we find that the demand at our foodbank centres increases - currently at Tameside East Foodbank we are providing 150 - 200 food parcels each week. Donations at Christmas are especially welcome as everyone feels the effects of the festive season and ever increasing bills. Every can, jar or packet counts.... they are all gratefully received and go towards supporting people in crisis in our local area.”