Thursday 15th december 2022

We give a lesson in safety to local school children at Letham Mains in Haddington

We recently went back to school to give the children of Letham Mains Primary in Haddington some reminders about health and safety.

School visit at Letham Meadows in Haddington

Raising awareness

As construction of our new homes at Letham Meadows in Haddington is now well underway, we are keen to promote the dangers associated with playing near any construction site. The visit gave our team an opportunity to raise awareness of the children’s need to be extra vigilant as the building of our new homes progresses near their primary school.

School visit at Letham Meadows in Haddington
Being proactive with local schools has proven an effective deterrent in the past as Deryck Schendel, Regional Health and Safety Advisor for Taylor Wimpey in Scotland explains: “Health and safety in and around our construction areas is of vital importance to Taylor Wimpey. Taking this type of proactive approach with local schools allows us to reinforce just how important it is for children to stay away from building sites, and it gives us the chance to remind the children that building sites are not playgrounds!”