Friday 28th July 2023

We donate to Cambourne Town FC’s Trophy Day celebration

We helped boost Cambourne Town FC's Trophy Day with a donation allowing them to purchase a new banner featuring our logo for future events, along with a TV and photo booth to celebrate the occasion.

FC players - image 1

Supporting our communities

Cambourne Town FC recently received a donation from our East Anglia team, further enhancing the team's trophy day celebrations. The donation facilitated the purchase of various essential items for the event. Among them, a striking, permanent banner now proudly displays our logo, set to be a fixture at future gatherings. The addition of a Photo Booth on the day allowed parents to capture cherished moments, with individual trophy shots and team photos destined for the club's website. Moreover, the clubhouse now boasts a brand new TV, enabling an enhanced sports viewing experience courtesy of the newly installed Sky Sports, graciously sponsored by our East Anglia team.
FC player - image 2