monday 17th july 2023

We donated £500 to young Preston Footballers

We helped players at Cadley Football club in Preston to keep warm during winter months by funding their training jackets.

Cadley blacks team - image 1

Supporting the grassroots

To support the community around our Hayfield Park development we donated £500 to the club, which has been a pillar of the Preston community for over a decade. 

They  provide children and young adults in the area with the opportunity to participate in organised sports and learn valuable life skills through teamwork, discipline, and dedication. 

Mark Richardson, Manager of Cadley FC, said: “We are extremely grateful for Taylor Wimpey’s generous donation as the winter team jackets not only provide practical benefits, such as protection from the elements during matches and training sessions, but they also instil a sense of pride and identity within the team helping the players showcase their unity and represent Cadley FC with confidence and professionalism.”
Cadley Blacks football team - image 2