Wednesday 29th March 2023

A young couple make their first reservation at Fox Wood Garden Village development

Health workers Allana Newton, 24 and Callum Barnet, 23, have cut the ribbon to the new sales centre at our Fox Wood Garden Village development after becoming the first customers to reserve a new home

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Perfect place to call home

The Merseyside couple were living with their parents and wanted to find their dream home in the Whiston area. 

With their family in Widnes and Liverpool, being close by as well as finding a perfect home was very important to them. 

Allana said: “Once we were able to see the site plans, we fell in love. It just looked beautiful. We love that the development is surrounded by nature and is so peaceful and quiet. The great road links to M62 helps keep us close to our friends and family so we can go exploring and see what the area has to offer for us whenever we like.”


Fox Wood Garden Village development includes homes for first time buyers and growing families, with thoughtfully incorporated light in open rooms and maximised private garden spaces giving a modern feel. 

Callum adds: “We chose the three bedroom Gosford house. It’s a new build and it gives us the chance to work on a blank canvas, to add our own touch and to make it feel like home. As this is our first home together and there are only the two of us, the flow of the downstairs floor plan and spaciousness of the upstairs bedrooms make it a perfect space for us to grow in the future. ”