Wednesday 18th October 2023

Customer has an easy move courtesy of our North East team

Joan Singh, a satisfied homeowner at our North East development, Woodside Gardens, shares her positive buying experience and the ease of her home purchase and admiration for the homebuilder's quality and service.


Ensuring an easy move

Upon arriving at the development, Joan was immediately impressed by the spaciousness of the site and the stunning views from her chosen plot. She was pleased to note that thoughtful planning, including the provision of two parking spaces per home and additional visitor parking, prevented the development from feeling crowded. 

A long-time resident in the area, Joan said: "Woodside Gardens caught my eye because of its ideal location close to my family and workplace in this charming rural area, offering easy access to town when needed."


With Easymover, our sales teams help to guide purchasers through buying and selling, keeping in close contact with the estate agent to value the property and use their marketing and negotiating skills to sell the house quickly. Once a purchaser comes forward, the team keeps in touch with all buyers to progress through to completion day. 

Joan's experience with us has been overwhelmingly positive, making her enthusiastic about recommending both the Easymover scheme and us as a homebuilder to anyone considering a new home purchase. 

Sarah Whittingham, Sales and Marketing Director for Taylor Wimpey North East, said: “It’s always great to hear of our happy customers. Easymover is a great choice for those that are already on the property ladder and looking to make their next big move, but are unsure about how to go about the sales process. For anyone in this position, we would suggest contacting one of our expert sales teams to find out more.”

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