Wednesday 13th September 2023

Our North East team celebrates women in construction

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, our North East team shines a spotlight on women who are breaking barriers and redefining success in construction. Meet Kate Starkie, Finance Director, and Katy Jordan, Assistant Site Manager, as we delve into their inspiring journeys and the changing landscape of the construction industry.


Women in Construction

Kate Starkie, Finance Director within our North East team, is a shining example of women's growing influence in the construction sector. With a passion for house building and an unwavering commitment to her role, Kate's journey offers insight into breaking barriers and thriving in a challenging field.

Kate's journey into the world of construction began as she transitioned from a role in practice with PWC to join the construction industry in 2011, working with Shepherd Building Group. Her impressive career trajectory saw her gaining invaluable experience at Portakabin Group, where she climbed the ladder while expanding her commercial and financial knowledge. Her upward trajectory continued as she took on roles at Severfield, a market-leading structural steel company, where within six months, she assumed responsibility for finance and commercial operations.


Kate's passion for construction stems from her love for witnessing the tangible outcomes of the businesses’ hard work. She enjoys seeing our sites and other construction projects, as they bring her work to life. This tangible aspect of the industry, combined with her hands-on approach, fuels her commitment to drive projects forward and overcome challenges.

In her role as Finance Director within our North East team, Kate's responsibilities are extensive. From leading the finance function and ensuring compliance with financial controls to business planning and forecasting. Her passion for contributing to the company's trajectory is evident when she shares, "I enjoy being in a role where I can have valuable input into the future of the business & helping drive things forward."

Kate also draws inspiration from strong female role models in her life, including her mother and friends who run successful businesses. She finds motivation in the increasing number of women holding senior positions across the country, underscoring the importance of women's voices in shaping the future of various industries.

To aspiring young women considering a career in construction, Kate's message is clear: "The construction industry is fast-paced and challenging but extremely rewarding at the same time." Her journey exemplifies the opportunities available for determined and driven women to make their mark, not just in construction but in influencing the industry's evolution.

Kate Starkie's story within our North East team is one of resilience, authenticity, and unwavering enthusiasm. Her experiences highlight the ongoing shift in the construction industry's landscape, as more women take on influential roles and actively contribute to shaping its future.

Assistant Site Manager - Katy Jordan

Katy Jordan, Assistant Site Manager within our North East team, is a shining example of women stepping onto construction sites with unwavering determination. At 31 years old, she is breaking down barriers and redefining what it means to thrive in a male-dominated field.

Hailing from Durham, Katy's journey with our North East team began over six years ago. Her rise through the ranks has been a testament to her commitment, perseverance, and the supportive environment fostered by the company. "I started as agency staff for Taylor Wimpey as a Customer Support Coordinator," Katy recalls. "Shortly after, I was given the opportunity to join the team on a permanent contract as a Customer Relations Manager. I did this for five years before joining the production team as Assistant Site Manager."

Her current role is a dynamic blend of responsibilities, ranging from supporting the site manager and coordinating trades to ensuring safety protocols are meticulously upheld. When asked about what drew her to this role, Katy's response is candid: "Not being sat behind a computer screen all day. You get to meet lots of different personalities and learn what's involved with every trade. It is very satisfying to see the final product."

Navigating an industry traditionally skewed in favour of men, Katy's experience has defied any preconceived notions. "It has never been a concern; I have never been treated any differently," she asserts. "I have only ever received support in the role by all members of staff.” 

Katy's path to construction was driven by a deep-seated passion for the tangible outcomes of her work. "I enjoyed working in the new build industry, but I wanted to get involved in a more hands-on role," she explains. "I liked the idea of producing a finished product that someone would call their home one day."

Her influence extends beyond her role's parameters, inspiring those around her to embrace growth. "I think I influence others to take a leap out of their comfort zones and try a different role," Katy shares. "If you are willing to learn, you can do anything."

Addressing aspiring young women considering the construction industry, Katy's message is one of empowerment. "Do it - there is no reason why young women can't have a successful career in construction," she asserts. "A lot of qualities and traits of women can be applied to many job roles. Construction could do with a few more female faces."

Katy Jordan's journey in our North East team illuminates a path forward for women in the construction industry. As we continue to prioritise diversity and inclusivity, Katy stands as a living embodiment of the change the industry is embracing, one empowered woman at a time.