Wednesday 27th September 2023

We help family find dream home in Taunton

A young family has settled into their new home on Taylor Wimpey’s Orchard Grove development, after moving in last year.


Dream home

Gavin Sutherland, 36, and his wife Samantha, 34, alongside their son Ronnie, 6, and their dog Jasper, left their two-bedroom private rental house in Bishops Hull and moved into their dream home on 1st April 2022. After outgrowing their previous property, the family decided this was the perfect time and location for their next move.
orchard grove

The couple picked a spacious three-bedroom Kingdale home. Gavin said: “We love the big hall entrance, large bedrooms and the overall feel of the house. Also, the amount of open space and natural light inside makes the house feel more inviting - plus it means we’re not living on top of one another anymore.” 

Gavin and Samantha jumped at the chance to choose bespoke features of the home whilst it was still being built. The pair focused on aspects of the kitchen as well as the flooring to add a sense of individuality to their home. Samantha said: “Being able to add features to our new home really made the moving-in process a lot easier, the house already felt like a home as soon as we moved in.”

Gavin also praised Taylor Wimpey and its sales team for how helpful they were throughout the couple’s journey. He said: “From start to finish, Taylor Wimpey made everything so simple, especially Carol, one of the sales executives, who was so helpful during the whole process. The pandemic didn’t stop her, she conducted video calls, showed us floor plans and even the garden plans during the lockdown periods.”

The couple are delighted with their choice of Taylor Wimpey home, stating: “We are thrilled with our property at Orchard Grove, all of the houses are so wonderfully developed that you get plenty of privacy whilst still having the benefits of the surrounding community. We can’t wait to build our lives here and see this blossoming development grow over the years to come.”

Orchard Grove is a collection of two-, three-, and four-bedroom homes located to the southwest side of Taunton, between the existing parishes of Comeytrowe and Trull. Homes are available to buy now, with prices ranging from £245,000 to £472,000.