10th april 2024

School pupils bury time capsule in Robroyston

Pupils from St Philomena’s Primary, Robroyston Road, Robroyston were invited along to our Monument Way development in Robroyston to bury a time capsule they had filled that aims to capture a snapshot of local life now.  The time capsule has been buried within the first phase of our development and it is sealed until 2073.

time capsule

Sealed for future discovery

As a whole school project, with every class providing items for the time capsule, the children have created an interesting picture of modern life in Robroyston which is now sealed for future discovery. The time capsule will make a very interesting discovery in 50 years.

The items the children have sealed inside the time capsule include letters to their future self which outlines their aspirations for their careers; some recent class pictures; a Scotland football shirt and boots to note the country’s qualification UEFA Euro 2024; an old model mobile phone; glasses; some of the children’s favourite toys such as a transformer, UNO and a fidget; an analogue clock and a playlist from Primary 5/6 which tells the recipient about their favourite music.

They also provided a school tie, a local newspaper and a very special commemorative St Philomena’s souvenir brochure dated 1940-1990 which includes history about the school and pictures of old teachers.

Another very special item that has found its way into the time capsule is an old glass milk bottle which was found under the floor of the school’s old gym hall floor when the school was refurbished in 2008. It has been kept safely in the Depute Head Teacher’s office. It’s now inside the time capsule with a helpful note to describe what it is and where it was originally left under the floor by the builders at the time of the school’s construction in 1963.

The pupils have fully embraced and enjoyed the project that was set for them by our team.