thursday 11th july 2024

Shropshire students champion sustainability to transform used pallets into new homes for birds

We teamed up with Reconomy and Severndale Specialist Academy to reduce waste and make new bird boxes for our Lily Hay development, in Shrewsbury. 

Shropshire students

Looking after nature

We’re committed to supporting nature and enhancing biodiversity at all of our developments and our recent collaboration with Reconomy and Severndale Specialist Academy does exactly that.

As part of the Academy’s Futures Programme, a group of talented students transformed used pallets from our Lily Hay development into a collection of beautiful bird boxes.

Severndale Specialist Academy’s Futures Programme focuses on providing students with practical skills, such as landscaping, hospitality, catering and technology, rather than traditional academic subjects. 

The used pallets were delivered to the Academy by Reconomy and the pupils soon got stuck into transforming them into new homes for birds.

The students recently visited Lily Hay with their completed bird box creations which will be installed around the development.

Shropshire students