Tuesday 4th June 2024

We Bury Time Capsule at Aylesbury Development to Celebrate Completion

We have celebrated the successful completion of our Aston Reach development in Aylesbury with a special time capsule burial ceremony. This event marks the beginning of a new chapter for the residents who are now enjoying their new homes.

Kingsbrook View Primary Academy with time capsule

Leaving a lasting legacy

In a heartwarming gesture to leave a lasting legacy, we invited children from Kingsbrook View Primary Academy to contribute items such as drawings, origami and letters for future generations to discover. The time capsule has been sealed and marked with a commemorative plaque, preserving cherished memories from the construction era of this landmark site.


Jason Turner, Sales Manager for Taylor Wimpey North Thames, said: "We are thrilled to see the Aston Reach community thriving. It was fantastic to invite the pupils of Kingsbrook View Primary Academy and have them involved in helping us to leave lasting memories and a sense of heritage for future residents."

Kingsbrook View Primary Academy burying the time capsule

The time capsule burial at Aston Reach is a testament to our dedication to building strong, lasting communities. Since opening in 2019 Aston Reach has provided Ayslesbury with over 300 new homes. As part of our S106 contributions to the local community, we have donated £7 million to Aylesbury Vale District Council. 


The donation includes £5.8 million in contributions to education in the area, £851,290 in sports area contributions, £364,000 to be put towards new and improved bus stops, and £162,815 allocated for the improvement of open spaces. A further £121,816 was used to protect and strengthen the local Rights of Way Network, £105,148 went towards canal preservation and £5,000 was used to develop a Travel Plan with Bucks County Council.