Thursday 20th June 2024

We Unveil New Outdoor Libraries to Foster Community Engagement and Enhance Reading Skills

We are proud to announce the installation of outdoor libraries across seven of our North Thames developments. The new libraries will aim to encourage a love for reading within the community and will provide residents with access to a wide selection of adult and children's books on a bring and borrow basis.

Aston Reach outdoor library

Enhancing literacy skills

Celebrating literacy in the local community, the new libraries, which are currently being installed at Aston Reach, Franklin Park, Coopers Grange, The Heath, The Vale, and Stortford Fields, will offer residents a diverse range of books suitable for all ages, and will give them chance to discover new and old stories.

The outdoor libraries will be accessible to all residents and visitors, with books available for borrowing or donation. Residents are encouraged to take a book, enjoy it at their leisure, and return it for others to enjoy. Additionally, residents are welcome to contribute to the libraries by donating books they have finished reading, thus ensuring a constant rotation of fresh reading material.

Stortford Fields outdoor library