Wednesday 6th March 2024

We celebrate Women In Construction

Our Southern Counties team is proudly joining the celebration of Women in Construction Week by highlighting the invaluable contributions that women bring to our construction industry.

School pupils

Celebrating the women of Taylor Wimpey

Celebrated from 3rd to 9th March 2024, Women in Construction Week honours the achievements, skills, and dedication of female professionals who continue to shape the built environment.

Celebrating opportunities for all, Aaron Wright, Senior Planning Manager for Taylor Wimpey Southern Counties said: “I love working as a town planner in the construction industry. My role revolves around advising on planning policy changes, managing application submissions, and relationships with stakeholders. A significant part of my day involves reviewing layout plans and collaborating with other departments to solve on-site issues. Outside of work, I enjoy contributing to charity activities, including fundraising for local causes.”

Taylor Wimpey staff

When thinking about a highlight in her career, Aaron went on to say: “A proud moment was participating in a Women’s Build Project with 'Habitat for Humanity' in New Delhi, India. This experience highlighted the importance of supporting women in need of shelter.”

Speaking of her experience, Aaron said: “I've navigated challenges with grace and learnt to handle certain situations in a polite way. Moving forward, I believe in fostering diversity and inclusivity within the industry.”

Design and Planning Executive for Taylor Wimpey Southern Counties, Rachael Gardner, said: “I love being a woman in this industry. In my role, I oversee project management with a strong technical emphasis. This involves managing various consultants, including architects and engineers, throughout the project lifecycle. 

Sharing a significant milestone in her career, Rachael said: “A moment that stands out was successfully completing the detailed design process for my first solo site, gaining planning approval for the drainage scheme. This achievement highlighted the importance of technical proficiency and project management skills in the construction industry.”

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