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How to boost wellness at home

Tips for a calm, collected home…And breathe…

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Key ingredients for wellness at home?

It must feel calming and welcoming. Any connection with nature quietens the mind and improves concentration, so indoor plants are wonderful. 

Keep clutter under control; while decoration should look good it needs to feel inviting. Use table lamps rather than overhead lighting for a relaxing ambience. Finally, fragrance is a simple tonic to boost wellness. – whether it’s uplifting or calming.

How can I detox our home for the season ahead?

Getting rid of clutter is very liberating. It’s too easy to accumulate old magazines and phone plugs. The resulting calm and extra space will be worth it, we promise. 

If the weather is warm, throw open the doors and windows and let fresh air in. Put away winter candles and woollen throws and use a diffuser with a fresh spring scent.

My home is ‘stuck in a decorating rut’ – help!

One of the easiest ways to ring the changes is to bring in new accessories, such as a couple of new cushions or a throw. Try Graham & Green (we love the Orla Bobble cushion) and Designer’s Guild for neutrals, colour pops and pretty florals. Changing the artwork on the wall will also freshen up a room. Artists to look out for include Laura Stoddart who produces beautifully-detailed botanical work and Jessica Hogarth for seaside-themed art.


I love white but how do you create a warm interior without crazy colours?

White is beautiful and very calming to live with, but if you want to warm up a room layer with natural colours in different textures. 

A neutral-coloured sofa will look heavenly with cushions in natural cottons or linens. Continue this theme with an off-white, wool rug and storage baskets woven in natural rattan. Complement the look with light-coloured wood furniture such as ash or limed oak or painted in warm whites.
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Any tips for a household digital detox?

This is the ultimate challenge! Start by making an agreement within the family to keep to certain basic rules – and that includes parents too. No phones or devices at meal times and in bedrooms, will make a big difference to family living. Agree on an acceptable amount of screen time for everyone.
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