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Simple tips to reduce your energy bill

Of course, your Taylor Wimpey home is already super energy saving, as each property is fully kitted out with high-quality insulation, double glazing and plenty of energy efficient appliances. 

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Reducing energy consumption is good for the environment and for your bank balance, and by simply tweaking a few of your daily habits you can make quite a difference to the amount of energy you use .

Want to reduce your energy bills even more? Check out these easy tips to help you save on your heating and electricity.

Turn down the temperature

When it’s cold outside, it’s tempting to ramp up the thermostat to get nice and toasty indoors. But before you increase the temperature, why not try putting on an extra layer instead?

Leaving your thermostat just one or two degrees lower could actually feel more comfortable – and save you quite a lot of energy. So next time you’re feeling chilly, instead of turning up the heating reach for your woolly jumper.

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Control the kettle

Believe it or not, you can save energy every time you make a cup of tea, especially because kettles can be more power hungry than ovens*. Next time you boil the kettle, don’t fill it all the way up unless you need to. By only heating the water you need you can make big savings.

Cooking pasta? Put the lid on while you boil the water on the hob - it’ll take less time to heat up and use far less energy.

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Flick the switch

Many of us remember to save energy by turning the lights off when we leave a room, but we often forget about those appliances on standby. Computers, televisions and washing machines are just some of the things we tend to leave in this mode. They might look like they’re off but can still be eating up electricity.

Take a few minutes to switch off those appliances by the mains and you’ll add another saving to your energy consumption.

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Go natural

Convenience is often key when you’re doing laundry, which is where a tumble dryer comes in handy. But there are probably more days than you realise where an outdoor dry would be just as effective. Dryers use up a lot of energy, so by hanging your washing on a line outdoors you’ll make some hefty savings.

Air drying means less wear and tear on your clothes too.

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Make the switch to green electricity

You don’t always need to change your home’s heating system to reduce your carbon footprint. Instead, hunt around for a green energy provider. These companies use clean, renewable power to supply your home with energy.

It’s easy to switch - just fill out the form online, supply the company with a meter reading and they’ll quickly swap over for you.

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