Bedroom storage 

Clutter-free bedrooms are the ultimate goal. A space that’s cool, calm and collected will help you sleep better – and who wouldn’t say no to more shut-eye on the weekends. 

Millers Reach, Stone, Haddenham - Bedroom

Learn about our top storage tips in the bedroom.

Down under

In an ideal world, under bed areas are best left empty to create an increased sense of space. In most bedrooms, though, this is too good an opportunity to utilise for an extra storage boost.

If you’ve got the budget, create a bed on a raised platform and build in lots of bespoke storage drawers below. Or, go for a lift-up storage bed where you can stash bedding and linens.

Albion Lock, Sandbach - Alton-G - Bedroom

Build it in

Storage staples like chests, wardrobes and cabinets are failsafe pieces of furniture for keeping clothes, shoes & bedding. But if your space has awkward corners, or is simply on the small side, bespoke storage is the way forward.

Make your built-in storage even more streamlined with invisible push catches and recessed grips. Sliding mirrored doors are another space-enhancing saviour.

Marston Grange - Earlsford  - Bedroom

Hang it up

Some of the most effective storage solutions are also the simplest. We love the humble hook for adding an extra layer of hanging space to walls and doors and keeping floors clear of coats, scarves and accessories.

Pick out pretty metal hooks for a country-style boudoir or an industrial locker-look rack for a modern, utilitarian touch.

Dukes Quarter, Bordon - Bedroom

Fancy footwork 

If heels, flats, pumps and boots are taking over your life, introduce a savvy shoe storage rack or two. Rows of wall-mounted shelves to neatly house your growing shoe collection is a simple solution.

If you own pretty jewelled heels or vintage stilettos that are too beautiful to hide away, fit strips of moulding (painted ‘invisibly’ in the same colour as the walls) and hook up your heels for all to see…

Kingseat - The Maxwell - Bedroom