Wednesday 19 May 2021

Regional campaign is launched to help support British bees

To celebrate World Bee Day on the 20th May, our North West team has launched a campaign to help reverse the decline of British bees by installing beehives at a few developments.

Purple, yellow and white wildflowers.

Buzzing bees

Beekeeping is an ancient practice that has been an important part of our relationship with nature for many thousands of years. With the help of family run beekeeping business, Buckley’s Bees, who support businesses nationally, four new hives, which will collectively home up to 150,000 locally bred honeybees, have been installed at two developments in the North West, with further hives to be installed at two more developments in the coming months.

As part of our overall campaign, we will be working with local schools and residents to educate them about British bees and other pollinators. This will be done in partnership with Buckley’s Bees who will be in attendance to provide educational talks and an insight into beekeeping.

Bee house with workers in blue overalls

To ensure that the habitat is ideal for new and existing bee colonies, as well as other pollinators, we will be donating wildflower seeds to local schools, clubs and residents to encourage them to plant them in their gardens. The area around the hives has also been sown with bee-friendly wildflowers and pollinating plants, making it the perfect home for the bees and ensuring no competition with existing pollinators. 

Stuart Craig, Sales and Marketing Director at Taylor Wimpey North West, said: “Since 1900, UK bee populations have declined from around 1,000,000 colonies to an estimated 270,000 today, so we are delighted to introduce bees and wild flowers to our developments and do what we can to help increase local biodiversity.

“We are pleased to be working with the experienced team at Buckley’s Bees to help us look after them and we can’t wait to see both the residents on our developments, as well as local schools, getting involved in the campaign.”

Our campaign to support the British honeybee and other pollinators aims to raise awareness of the importance of bees and their vital role in pollination and help drive the housebuilder's national environment strategy.

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