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Melton Road, Edwalton

Land at Melton Road, Edwalton - Nottingham - Nottinghamshire

Our full and detailed planning application for a new residential development on land at Melton Road, Edwalton is based on Rushcliffe Borough Council's proposed development framework for the wider Melton Road development.

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  • Overview

    Melton Road, Edwalton, Nottingham

    Planning permission for our proposed development has now been recieved.

  • About the site

    Our Proposed Development


    Edwalton view from Edwalton Lodge Close 410

    The proposed development viewed from Edwalton Lodge Close (image: Google)

    The proposed development of these much needed new homes is on greenfield land surrounding the two existing residential properties at Lodge Farm, off Machins Lane, Edwalton.

    Our proposed access will be from a new signalised junction formed off Edwalton Lodge Close with further improvements onto the Melton Road.

    The land currently comprises four fields, with each one enclosed mainly by hedgerow and occasional trees, and as much of the existing vegetation will be retained where possible as part of our proposals for the site.

    The land's northern boundary adjoins the grounds and playing fields of Rushcliffe School and Leisure Centre, while the eastern boundary abuts the rear gardens of homes in Edwalton Lodge Close. This boundary will be protected by a buffer of green open space in addition to the existing hedgerow.

    The southern tip of the site meets the A606 Melton Road, and it is at this point that we propose to provide the main access to the new homes.

    Currently to the south-west and west of the land lie open fields, which are allocated for further residential development, by other residential developers in the future.

    The proposed development site slopes from west to east and a new Sustainable Drainage Scheme (SuDS), including retention basins in the centre of and to the east of the site, will ensure that levels of surface water run-off from the site is no greater than current levels.

    This new area will provide an exciting environment for public use and will see new wildlife habitats become established over time

  • What's proposed

    Our Proposals

    EMS2450006C DRAFT Appraisal Layout 220814page001

    Our Taylor Wimpey Phase for our initial layout of 280 homes.

    We are pleased to announce that planning permission for the scheme was issued on 11th December 2015.

    The development forms the eastern part of an area of land proposed for a mixed-use development which extends to Old Road in the west and the A52 to the south and includes Sharphill Wood.

    The development framework plan for this wider area of land includes:

    • Up to 1,500 new homes with up to 280 developed by Taylor Wimpey
    • Up to 30% of the homes will be affordable housing for local people
    • A proposed primary school 
    • A local centre 
    • Employment land 
    • A large community park 
    • Children’s play areas 
    • Footpaths and cycleways 
    • A long-term management plan for Sharphill Wood 
  • Community

    Local Community

    Our development proposals, which are now approved will make significant contributions to the local community in accordance with the development framework for the wider Melton Road development. 

    Our Community benefits will be a fair proportion of our share of the much wider mixed use scheme that will grow over time and will broadly consist of the following

    £3,333 per dwelling for Primary Education

    £2,600 per dwelling for Secondary Education

    £1,500 per dwelling for improvements to the A52

    £666 per dwelling for local highway improvements

    £2,733 per dwelling for the community park land

    £511 per dwelling for green open space management

    £537 per dwelling for local leisure facilities

    £427 per dwelling for local sports facilities

    At the same time, when the development is completed, a large area of green space, which is shown on our layout will be opened up for the wider access for everyone to enjoy

  • Updates

    Development Timelines

    11th December 2015 detailed planning permission issued by Rushcliffe BC

    27th October 2015 our full planning application was approved subject to the completion of a S106 agreement

    February / March 2015 Rushcliffe BC consultation on Development Framework. 

    Planning Application Submitted on 19 December 2014.

    December 2014 Local Authority Core Strategy adopted.

    Public Consultation event held on 3rd September 2014.