Energy efficient homes

Save over £2,200 per year with an energy efficient new home

Discover how an energy efficient new home can be better for the planet, better for you and your bank balance, with an average saving of over £2,200 a year on energy bills.*

energy efficient new homes

Our new homes have a variety of energy saving features that can save you money. 

From clever ways to save water and keep your home cosy and warm, to energy efficient appliances, we've got it covered. Great for the planet, and great for your wallet, with an average saving of over £2,200 a year on a new build house.*
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You'll save on energy bills

Data from the Home Builders Federation (HBF) found that buyers of a new build home will save on average £2,200 a year in energy bills, with the average new build home built from 2023 will emit 39% of the amount of carbon of the average older property.

New homes significantly reduce household energy usage, with the average new home using approximately 103KwH per m2 per year compared with older properties which require an average of 242KwH per m2.*

Your new home will be energy efficient

We carefully consider how to design our homes to be energy efficient. Sustainable features can be seen throughout our homes, from high quality insulated roofs, walls, and windows, through to energy efficient appliances, zoned heating systems and water saving taps. Our new build homes come with a smaller carbon footprint than an equivalent second-hand property, which is great news for the planet and means lower energy bills for you, with an average saving of £2,200 a year*
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Energy performance certificates

Most Taylor Wimpey homes are rated A or B for energy efficiency compared with less than 5% of existing homes reached the same standard.*

All our homes come with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) containing information about the property’s predicted energy use and typical energy costs.

This gives customers complete peace of mind in the energy efficiency performance of their new home

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*Figures sourced from HBF "Watt a Save" update January 2024