Proposed Development

Tournament Park

Warwick, CV34 6RG

Learn about our plans for an exciting new community in Warwick

Welcome to semi-rural living at Tournament Park.

Situated on the southern fringes of the historic market town of Warwick, Tournament Park will be a stunning new community. 

This site will provide a new residential development of up to 60 new homes, and will feature a range of 1-5 bedroom homes and each home will be unique, perfect for families.

Tournament Park is situated within a network of green spaces linked to the wider countryside, yet within easy reach of the town centres of both Warwick and Royal Leamington Spa. Tournament Park will provide a vibrant, sustainable, healthy and community focussed new neighbourhood suitable for everyone. 

The vision for this site will be a distinctive place creating a sustainable community, with character areas with a well connected parkland.

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Some images are used for illustrative purposes only and include optional upgrades at additional cost. Development managed by Taylor Wimpey Midlands.

Development Map

The master plan

The new homes would be accessed from two points on Goggbridge Lane, with an access at the southern and northern ends of the site.  Car parking would be provided in accordance with the Warwick Standards document. On top of all the services and facilities available locally, residents will be able to use nearby bus stops which provide easy access into Warwick town centre. 

The development would contain approximately 69 new homes of which 27 would be affordable homes. Whilst the type and tenure are not necessarily fixed at this stage, it is likely that the site could contain some of the following:

  • Shared Ownership – this is a route to affordable home ownership, also known as part rent/part buy. This allows you to purchase a share of the home (usually between 25% and 75%), with purchasers paying the mortgage for the part owned, with a below market rent on the remainder. This makes it easier to obtain a mortgage, and purchaser could increase their ownership share incrementally.
  • Social Rent – this is the most affordable renting tenure, with rents set at approximately 60% of open market value.
  • Affordable Rent – this is another affordable rented tenure, with rents set at approximately 80% of open market value.

The development would contain a pond or basin to attenuate water within the site, to ensure that surface water was managed correctly to prevent localised flooding issues. This could be wet or dry, but a wet pond would offer more potential ecological benefits.

In recognising the proximity of the site to the Warwick Bypass, a noise barrier would be provided along the western boundary of the site, ensuring that the noise levels within the site would be acceptable to future residents. In addition, it is likely that the new homes within the site would further reduce noise to existing homes along Goggbridge Lane.

Homes proposed

Taylor Wimpey are also proud to be introducing its new range of property types, which will ensure that the new development has a high quality finish, which complements the existing attractive residential estate.

About our proposal features

Economic benefits

We want to deliver new homes and facilities that positively integrate with and enhance the local community.  

Green open space

A large area of public open space will be provided on the development, towards the southern boundaries of the site. 

Community benefits features

History of the site

Historically, the site, together with the modern housing opposite, formed part of wider agricultural fields associated with a farm once accessed from Hampton Road to the north. The driveway to the farm was broadly in the position of Morecroft Drive, which is now one of the main spine roads within the Tournament Fields housing development. 

As you may be aware, this site has long been designated in the current Local Plan as an employment site. This dates to Warwick’s previous Local Plan (1996-2011) which showed the site as part of a wider Employment Commitment, adjacent to what was a housing allocation which has now been constructed. The site is now shown as Major Employment Commitment within the most recent Local Plan, adopted in 2017. 


Despite the site being earmarked to become an employment site and form part of the Tournament Fields Business Park, there has been little interest in acquiring the site for this purpose. There are a number of reasons for this which may include the size and shape of the site, where it would be difficult to fit a large commercial storage warehouse. But as an employment allocation, the site could still accommodate a range of industrial, light-industrial or commercial uses. Nevertheless, the character of this locality is, in our view, more residential in nature and would not necessarily be suitable for large HGVs making deliveries, along with staff and visitors moving to and from the site and the noise disruption associated with it.

For these reasons, we consider the site to be far better suited for residential development. The site is within walking distance of the existing office uses at Tournament Fields as well as being within walking distance of several services and facilities, including of shops, Medical Centre, Pharmacy, Nursery, play areas, sports pitches, Secondary School and Sixth Form College.



Before we start designing a new scheme, we complete an assessment of the site and surrounding area as they are now. We record those features that will need to be considered in our design approach.

The main access point to Tournament Park will be via Goggbridge Lane.