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Energy efficient new homes

Discover how an energy efficient new home can be better for the planet, better for your bank balance and better for you.

Typical Taylor Wimpey development

Energy efficient new homes

Our new homes have a variety of energy saving features that can save you money. 

From clever ways to save water and keep your home cosy and warm, to energy efficient appliances, we've got it covered. Great for the planet, and great for your wallet. 

Save money by buying new

According to data from the Home Builders Federation (HBF), owners of a new build home could find themselves saving an average of £435 on household bills each year.

For buyers of new houses, savings are even greater with an average of £555 saved per year compared to an older property. That’s the equivalent of £46 per month.

Owners of new build homes can also expect to save an average of £395 on their annual heating bills, £12 a year on lighting and £28 on hot water.**

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Clever zoned heating

Many of our homes have multiple thermostats meaning you can control your heating in different parts of your home. 

Thermostatic valves on radiators will give you control of individual room temperatures, helping you to save money by allowing the temperature of different areas of the home to be adjusted.

Turning down the thermostat

Air pressure testing in our homes

A proportion of our homes are air-pressure tested to comply with Building Regulations.

This process calculates the air tightness of a building, and ensures Taylor Wimpey homes are energy efficient, locking in heat and warmth.

The Coltham exterior

Double glazed windows

All our windows are double-glazed as standard.

Many older properties will have less efficient windows, or will even be single-glazed. Depending on the type and size of each window, replacing double glazing can range from £150-£600 per window.

Trickle vents help to control airflow, helping you to maintain good indoor air quality, without losing hot air from inside your home. 

Customer and her dog enjoy their new home

Water saving taps and appliances

Our taps are fitted with flow restrictors which produce a consistent and soft flow of water, while reducing consumption and lowering your water bills. Our dishwashers and washing machines are all water efficient models.

The average UK water usage is about 140 litres per person per day. Taylor Wimpey homes are designed to use 125 litres of water per person per day, so we can all help the environment, while spending less.*

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Energy performance certificates

Most Taylor Wimpey homes are rated A or B for energy efficiency compared with only 3% of older properties. 

All our homes come with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) containing information about the property’s predicted energy use and typical energy costs.

This gives customers complete peace of mind in the energy efficiency performance of their new home

Downham Gosford and Milldale at Hayfield Park

*- https://www.watersafe.org.uk/downloads/developers_info/developing_water_efficient_homes.pdf 

**New HBF report: Buyers of new build homes save £112 million and cut UK carbon emissions by over 500,000 tonnes per year