Our culture and values

Our Cultural Principles outlined below are the values that underpin everything that we do:

  • If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly;
  • If we make a mistake, we put it right;
  • We are competitive and don’t accept second best;
  • We will not compromise in ensuring that everyone leaves our sites safe and well;
  • We behave with integrity, are honest and forthright and support each other;
  • We strive to enhance the environment and local community and to run our business in a way that is sustainable.
  • Knowledge and information are key, we take our decisions on fact not emotion.
  • We value individuals from diverse backgrounds and aim to develop potential to the mutual benefit of the individual and the business.

We strive to treat our employees fairly and with respect, and to provide a safe place for them to work. Our UK Employee Handbook sets out our approach to our employees as well as the standard of behaviour that we expect of them. 

We believe that by embracing diversity we will be able to succeed through a workforce that is inclusive, creative and innovative.

We support the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights and have policies and processes in place to ensure that we act in accordance with our values in relation to areas such as equal opportunities, anti-corruption and whistleblowing. We encourage employees and sub-contractors to speak up about concerns over wrongdoing at work and we provide access to an independent reporting hotline service. 

Taylor Wimpey operates in diverse communities. During 2012, we undertook a review of the diversity of our employees and will map this against catchment areas to determine any discrepancies. Our new recruitment practices are designed to help us develop an increasingly diverse workforce.

Our policies

The policies and guidelines we have in place to set standards concerning ethics, sound business practices and wider governance.

See our policies

We measure our business against several key performance indicators and financial figures. We have a strategy in place to drive improvement.