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Land off Station Road, Walmer

Land off Station Road - Walmer - Kent

Taylor Wimpey has received a resolution to grant planning permission for a new residential development of 223 homes with public open space on land to the south of Station Road, Walmer, Kent.

  • Land off Station Road

    We have an option to purchase the Station Road site from the current landowners, subject to planning permission being granted for our proposed residential development.

    We held a public consultation event at Walmer Parish Hall in September 2013 to give local people the opportunity to find out more about our proposals and have their say on the scheme.

    Following this, we submitted a planning application in April 2014 for a development of approximately 230 new homes, taking into account the feedback received during the public consultation.

    In November 2014, we received a resolution to grant planning permission from Dover District Council for a development of 223 homes, including 66 affordable properties.

    The Section 106 legal agreement has been agreed, and planning permission issued. We anticipate starting building work on site in summer 2016.

    You can view full details of our planning application by clicking here.

  • The development site

    The proposed development site is situated to the south of Station Road, Walmer, covers an area of 11.35 hectares and is currently in agricultural use. It is identified for residential development in Dover District Council’s Land Allocations Pre-Submission Local Plan.

    Existing residential properties are located in Station Road to the north, Mayers Road to the north-west and John Tapping Close to the north-east, while Clifford Park caravan park borders to the site to the east. Further farmland lies to the south and the railway line runs alongside the site’s western border.

    Open space and public footpath

    The Station Road site is situated within 5km of a number of ‘Natura 2000’ sites, which are protected under European and national legislation. The closest of these areas lies 1.9km south-east of the site.

    For land such as this which is allocated within the Local Plan, there is provision for contributions to be made towards a Dover-wide Sandwich Bay Mitigation Strategy, offsetting any effects from recreational activities by new residents.

    As part of this, the proposed development incorporates a large area of public open space to the south of the new housing which will be available for recreational use as well as providing new wildlife habitats. A management plan will be developed for this area to guide its establishment.

    There is also an existing footpath which runs from the north-western corner of the site to Coldblow in the south-west. This will be protected as part of our proposals so local people can continue to enjoy access from Station Road to Coldblow as well as the public open space. It is likely that the initial stretch of this footpath will be diverted and incorporated within the entrance design of the site so as to ensure a well-lit, safe and secure path with excellent surveillance.

    Walmer Landscape Plan Web

    Our proposed landscaping scheme for the Station Road site


    A range of ecological surveys have been carried out on site as part of the preparation of our proposals.

    Bat surveys have revealed a low level of bat activity, mainly focused in the wooded habitats at the south-west of the site, while minimal badger evidence has also been identified on the western periphery of the site. A population of common reptiles (slow-worm and some common lizard) has been found within the field margins and the site also has value for farmland birds.

    All ecological considerations have been taken into account in the design of our scheme and the green space provided will allow reptiles to be accommodated on site while also offering further opportunities for wildlife habitats.


    Neither the site nor the surrounding countryside is covered by any statutory or non-statutory designations for landscape character or quality. The Conservation Area at Deal is approximately 500m from the site and there is no visibility between the two.

    The site is well related to the existing urban area with robust boundaries at the north, east and west, with woodland forming part of the southern boundary. Views from surrounding areas are restricted by the undulating landscape and intervening trees. There are partial views from Ripple windmill and nearby public footpaths to the south of the site, but countryside views are typically at a long distance and seen against the backdrop of the existing built-up area of Deal.

    Access and highways

    A number of potential access options have been explored, and the preferred strategy is for the primary site access to be directly from Station Road.

    In addition, a secondary access for pedestrians, cyclists and emergency vehicles only will be provided from Mayers Road, with a new turning area likely to be created in Mayers Road to prevent larger vehicles from having to reverse out of this cul-de-sac, as is often the case currently.

    As part of the process of preparing our planning application, we are conducting a thorough assessment of the wider highway network to evaluate the potential impact of the scheme in terms of additional traffic – particularly at the junction of Dover Road and Station Road. Potential highway/junction improvements are also being discussed with Kent Highway Services.

    Walmer Access Plan

    The proposed site access from Station Road

    Flood risk and drainage

    The site is located in Flood Zone 1 (lowest flood risk) and therefore flooding is not considered a restriction upon development at the site. Our proposed development will make use of Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) techniques to control the rate of surface water run-off and ensure that run-off rates for the developed site are no higher than current levels.

    Services and utilities

    Foul drainage for the development will be connected to the existing public foul sewer in Station Road. This public network will be upgraded to accommodate the development as agreed with Southern Water.

    All remaining utility services such as gas, water supply, electricity and telecommunications are available within the adjoining residential estates and can be extended and/or upgraded to accommodate the development. 

    Local accessibility

    The development site is ideally situated for Walmer rail station, which is located less than 250m from the proposed site access. This provides access to national rail services between London Charing Cross and Ramsgate, serving stations such as Deal, Sandwich, Ashford, Dover and Folkestone with up to two trains per hour.

    Access to public transport is further enhanced by bus services accessible from stops on Station Road, providing two buses per hour. A significant majority of the site lies within 400m of these stops. The site benefits from direct access, on foot or by bicycle, to a wide range of local amenities, including leisure and recreation facilities, primary and secondary education, community facilities and Deal town centre.

  • Our proposals

    The Station Road site has been identified for residential development in Dover District Council’s Land Allocations Pre-Submission Local Plan.

    Following discussions with Dover District Council, we developed an initial masterplan for the proposed scheme which was subsequently displayed at our public consultation event. The feedback we have received during our public consultation helpedus to refine our proposals for our planning application.

    Key elements of the proposed development include:

    • 223 new homes
    • Vehicle access from Station Road
    • Secondary emergency and pedestrian/cycle access from Mayers Road
    • A mix of 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom houses plus some 1 and 2 bedroom apartments
    • 30% affordable housing in line with local policy
    • South-western section of the site preserved as public open space
    • Existing footpath from Station Road to Coldblow retained

    The new homes at our proposed development will be designed to respect the important architectural heritage of the local area. A photographic study has been undertaken to identify buildings which represent the key characteristics of the town, and these characteristics will been used to influence the architectural style of the proposed new homes. The scheme will also be designed taking into consideration the Walmer Design Statement.

    Walmer street scene

    A proposed street scene at the development


  • Local contributions

    Should our planning application be approved by Dover District Council, we will make financial contributions towards improving local infrastructure and community facilities through a Section 106 legal agreement.

    These contributions will be requested by Dover District Council and Kent County Council according to local need and may include funding towards highways improvements, schools, adult education and libraries. A contribution towards the ongoing management of local Special Protection Areas for wildlife is also likely to be required.

  • Development timeline

    Beginning 2017 – Anticipated start of works on site

    October 2015 - S106 Agreement signed and permission issued

    November 2014 – Resolution to grant planning permission received from Dover District Council

    April 2014 – Planning application submitted

    September 2013 – Public consultation held